OSCP 100% Pass

Just got my results from my OSCP Exam, i was able to root all 5 machines in the network in about 8 hours. I opted for the 3 months of lab time and was able to root most of the machines in all the networks. I used the forums extensively if i got stuck on a particular machine and it paid off very well. I highly suggest using the forums during the labs to facilitate the learning process. Before taking the PWK Course i had achieved my RHCE and Security+ as well as my CCNA. So i had a good foundation when entering the course but i feel that the bulk of the learning occurs in the labs and in doing OSCP like boxes on hack the box and vulnhub here is a list that if you complete you will get 100% on the OSCP. It’s alot of boxes but from my test experience. Most hack the box machines are more difficult than the test machines. And each box had a pretty straight forward path during the test. Once a decent methodology is built up it shouldnt be difficult to identify the attack vectors. My Tips to pass are as follows.

  1. Watch Ippsec Videos
  2. Complete alot of the OSCP like VM’s
  3. Use Forums during the course
  4. Take minimum 2 months of lab time. 3 may be overkill.
  5. Put in the time.